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My name is Mike Clipp. I’m 54 years old and still going strong. I plan on being here for another fifty years and I plan on being lively and functional for those next fifty years.  I’m here to help you do the same. I started StillFit because I think that everyone should be at their optimum physical shape. To that end I’m constantly researching and practicing a healthy and fit lifestyle. I’m not talking about following the latest fads and scarfing down the latest supplements. Research has shown that most of those things don’t work and some can even harm your health. The only ones helped by most of the fads and supplements are the people who take your money for them. I look for solid, practical, proven information. I interpret it, consolidate and digest it, then post it in an understandable, easy to read format. Eat right and exercise right have become my mantra. My wife sometimes calls me a “food Nazi.” Well, if watching what I eat and making sure I get enough proper exercise will keep me healthier and happier for longer, then I’m all for it. 

For over 35 years I’ve been pursuing fitness and health. I’ve learned a lot during that time and I’m still learning. With all the new studies and information that come out nearly every day it can be difficult to keep up with and interpret all the data. You have better things to do with your time then spend it poring over research reports and articles. I do that for you and then boil it down to a few simple rules. No complicated diets or exercise routines. No long, boring lectures about vitamin this or antioxidant that. The StillFit program doesn’t require you to become an expert on exercise or nutrition. Just learn and consistently follow a set of simple guidelines that will enable you to stay fit and healthy, or to become fit and healthy. 

StillFit is written for the person of experience, male or female, who is actively engaged in pursuing health and fitness. StillFit pushes you to exert yourself to achieve your best even though you’re no longer a youngster. Although StillFit is not the low intensity sit in a chair and swing your legs or lift a 5 pound weight type of program that you see on most sites geared toward people in their 50’s and 60’s we do realize that you’re not in your 20’s or 30’s and that you can no longer do what you did then. Make no mistake about it, if you follow the StillFit workout you’ll push your body to work harder and sweat more than you have in years, without killing yourself trying to keep up with a program designed for a 20 year old. There are plenty of blogs and websites catering to the 18 to 35 demographic. StillFit presents a health and fitness program geared toward men and women from 45 to 65 or more years old.

I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a scientist. I’m not selling supplements or high priced exercise programs. I’m just a regular guy who is interested in staying healthy and fit as I grow older. To that end I try to keep up with all the latest research in nutrition, exercise and general health. The purpose of this blog is not to replace your doctor, health care provider, trainer or other professional. This blog is written to present my findings and interpretation of the latest in health and fitness research, not to give medical advice. Always remember to work closely with your doctor, health care provider and/or trainer when you undertake to improve your health and fitness.



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